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Balance Tank Cleaning

Swimming pool balance tank cleaning services to ensure the highest levels of hygiene for your facility.
Balance Tank Operation

Balance tanks maintain a constant water level for spa/deck level pools and sit between the filtration system and the pool tank itself.

Confined Space Dive Team

Our team are ROSPA Approved CS2 Confined Space Entry & Rescue Techniques With Escape Sets trained.

Annual Balance Tank Cleaning

The PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) recommend Balance Tanks Inspections and Cleaning be carried out on an annual basis.

Fully Compliant & Certified

Our team are ROSPA Approved CS2 Confined Space Entry & Rescue Techniques With Escape Sets trained.

Balance Tank Cleaning

The swimming pool balance tank plays an important role in maintaining a constant water level in deck level and spa pools. This important part of the swimming pool’s filtration is often overlooked. The balance tank is situated between the swimming pool and filtration system. The pool water enters the balance tank by water flowing over the side of the pool into the transfer channel. It works as an intermediate holding tank for the displaces water, but due to its placement in between the swimming pool and filters, the balance tank is a natural debris trap.

The PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) recommend Balance Tank Cleaning and Inspections to be carried out on an annual basis. Cleaning of your swimming pools balance tank should be carried out to remove any debris. At the same time, the balance tank walls should be brushed and flushed down with 10mg/l chlorinated water. This water can then be returned to the circulation system via the swimming pools filtration system.

How do swimming pool balance tanks work?

Swimming pool balance tanka are pivotal in maintaining a constant water level for spa and deck level pools. The balance tank sits between the filtration system and the swimming pool tank itself. It works as a reservoir or holding tank, storing displaced water by bathers entering the pool. The balance tank releases water back into the pool when the bathers exit to maintain a constant water level. As such the balance tank is key to ensuring a well-balanced water level for safe bathing for all users.

Balance tanks are located before the swimming pools filter system and have a constant flow of water. They typically suffer from a build-up of large amounts of debris and contaminants. The balance tank prevents any of the large items of debris making its way back into the pool’s filtration. Debris can include particles of swimming floats and pull buoys, goggle lens covers, rubbish, hair bands, plasters and other particulates from the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Balance Tank System | Access Underwater UK

What is included in balance tank cleaning?

Chemical dosing is an integral part of keeping the pool water well balanced, safe and clean for bathers to use. Body fats, moisturisers, false tans, perfumes, salts, etc are substances which bathers bring into the pool on their person. These substances adhere to the water particles causing bio-films to form on the water’s surface. Furthermore, as the water enters the balance tank (and also the filters) the bio-films form a membrane on the balance tank walls and ceilings giving Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas & E-Coli a platform on which to grow.

The balance tank clean is completed by our specialised diving services department who are all qualified commercial divers with confined space access qualifications. The procedures follow the Confined Space Regulations 1997 as the balance tank has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere. The balance tank is drained as much as is practical by the swimming pool facility. The balance tank hatches are removed and the air space left to clear as much as possible. A gas monitor is then lowered into the balance tank and is constantly monitored by the Project Supervisor.

The Balance Tank Cleaning Service begins with the removal of all surface floating and floor debris. The team then follows a two-step cleaning process for the walls and ceilings. This includes a combination of brushing then high power jet washing. These are both completed using a 10mg/l chlorinated water solution in accordance with the PWTAG regulations.

Why are balance tanks classed as confined spaces?

The Health & Safety Executive description of a confined space in their guidance notes.

A confined space is a place which is substantially enclosed (though not always entirely), and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby (e.g. lack of oxygen).

To ensure compliance, our Balance Tank Services are completed by ROSPA Approved Confined Space Access Trained personnel. Our procedures follow the Confined Spaces Regulation 1997 and we provide written Risk Assessments and Method Statements before work is carried out on your site. Additionally, as part of our Quality Assurance procedures and to ensure the highest levels of safety we require a signed acceptance note upon completion of works.

What balance tank services do you offer?

Access Underwater offers a full range of Balance Tank Services. Our most popular services include:

  • Balance Tank Cleaning
  • Video Inspections of Balance Tanks
  • Disinfection & Sterilisation of Balance Tanks
  • Valve & Pipework Repair and Replacement

If your facility has not had a Balance Tank Inspection & Clean Service completed within the last 12 months, then get in touch now. Let us help ensure the hygiene of your facility and the satisfaction of your bathers.

We also offer a full range of Swimming Pool Services to support your sports or leisure facility.