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Swimming Pool Services

Moveable your swimming pool facility ensuring the highest level of service for your peace of mind.

Commercial Swimming Pool Services

We deliver innovative underwater engineering servicing and maintenance solutions to public and private swimming pool facilities across Europe. Our clients require their swimming pool facilities to meet the highest level of quality allowing their bathers to enjoy their experience with each and every visit. Whether this is for relaxation, leisure, exercise, competitive sport, training, play or even therapy. All of these bathers need fun, safe and functional swimming environments. Our goal is to help the facilities provide this service

Anytime a swimming pool facility is closed it costs money. Being closed for servicing and repair works means less income, more inconvenience for facility staff and clients, and more costs. Access Underwater work with our clients to minimise this downtime. We are an HSE Commercial Diving Contractor we are fully insured to provide innovative diving and confined space engineering, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and technical services to the commercial, municipal and private swimming pool facilities.

Swimming Pool Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections of our clients swimming pools are completed to help identify any minor problems. Minor problems can be remedied before escalating into major works. Our periodic inspections consist of a 3-man or 5-man dive team, depending on the facility. If your facility has underwater overhead environments, such as a movable floor or boom, a 5-man team will be required.

The team inspects a variety of areas during our Periodic Inspection, this includes, but is not limited to tiles, grout, sump grills, underwater lights, inlets and outlets and any other features specific to your facility.

These inspections are sent back to our clients in the form of written reports with supporting video and photos. This allows better clarity for the client as to the progression of problems, if they are identified. Subsequently, if a problem is found, the team automatically include detailed recommendations for remediation, timescales, and costings to put right.

Commercial Swimming Pool Annual Service

Annual servicing 4 is required for swimming pool facilities to ensure the highest levels of standards for their bathers. The AU Team have you experienced in carrying out these services. These services are the perfect opportunity for minor repair works and to monitor any areas of the facility unknown faults to facility staff. We understand and that’s not all problem areas can be treated at the point of identification due to budgets and timeframes as such our team will provide detailed situation reports for our clients with every dive made at your swimming pool

Commercial Swimming Pool Emergency Repair Services

Emergency repair works are essential. when things don’t go to plan our team are on hand to support your facility should the worst happen. Furthermore, we believe emergency call outs should not cost more money. Our service is charged at the same rate short notice or forward planned. As such we do not aim to profit from your bad luck. We work with our clients and aim to exceed expectations.

Swimming Pool Moveable Floor Services

Access Underwater are specialists in moveable swimming pool floor servicing and repair. Our team is experts in floating movable floor systems. These systems consist of stainless-steel wire ropes and pulleys to adjust floor depth using a digital control panel. These systems are designed to withstand swimming pool chemicals and heavy loads the buoyancy of the floor exerts upon them. Over time, even the best materials suffer from wear and tear. For this reason, specialist skills and equipment are required. We are experienced specialists in Preventative Maintenance, Periodic/Annual Inspection & Condition Reporting, Underfloor Servicing and Cleaning, Steel Wire Rope Replacement and more.

Swimming Pool Overnight Services

We fully understand that shutting facilities during the day is costly therefore our team will work overnight support your facility. Thus, it is very common for our team to start as your facility closes and for the team to be clear of the site as your facility opens the following morning. Moreover, with this service, your clients and facility staff will not be impacted by the access underwater team.

Post Works Feedback

We believe communication between the dive team and the client the better working relationship. The dive supervisor on every project is responsible for coordinating and annotating the works that the dye team completes period as such our clients get a full and detailed description of what has occurred and what has been found. Consequently, this will help prioritise a service and repair schedule if defects are found.

We aim to support our facilities with all the Swimming Pool Maintenance Services they require. In the unlikely event there is something needed we do not have listed on our site, please get in touch.