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At Access Underwater, we offer comprehensive Swimming Pool Tiling Surveys that include a thorough examination of your facility's underwater tiling and grouting. Our expert team conducts a Swimming Pool Tile & Grout Inspection, aiming to identify existing issues and potential future problems. By addressing these concerns, we ensure the integrity and safety of your swimming pool.

Our inspection focuses on identifying common problems such as debonded tiles, delaminating tiles, thinning grout, and depleted grout. We understand the importance of maintaining the quality and condition of your underwater tiling, as it directly affects the safety and experience of swimmers. By proactively addressing these issues, we can prevent accidents and minimize potential hazards.

We recognise that occasional incidents, such as broken or chipped tiles, can occur, leading to reports of cut feet from customers or staff. Our experienced team understands the challenges faced by busy swimming pool facilities and possesses the necessary expertise to solve underwater tiling and grouting issues effectively. We are committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your staff and customers.

Cracked, broken, or failed Tiles

Cracked, broken, or failed pool tank floor or wall tiles pose significant risks to swimmers, including staff, athletes, and the general public. Access Underwater prioritizes safety, and our underwater tiling and grouting services are designed to address these risks promptly. With our expert replacement services, we can repair your facility's tiling and grouting without the need to drain the pool. This allows you to maintain a safe and fully operational swimming environment.

To minimize disruption to your facility's operations, we offer flexible day and night call-out services. Our goal is to provide prompt and efficient repairs, allowing you to keep your facility open for classes and general swimming with minimal downtime. We understand the importance of continuous operation and strive to deliver our services with zero to minimal disruption to your daily activities.

What causes swimming pool tiles to crack or debond?

When it comes to underwater tiling in swimming pools, various factors can lead to cracked or debonded tiles, regardless of the facility's age. One common cause is the incorrect application or use of unsuitable tile adhesive during the initial tiling process. Surprisingly, this is a more prevalent issue than one might assume.

Improper "buttering" of tiles during installation can result in air pockets remaining underneath, leading to water ingress, the formation of gas pockets, or eventual detachment of the tile over time. Often, this problem goes unnoticed for many years until sudden failure occurs. As the grout between the tiles wears away or dissolves, water seeps beneath the tiles, triggering the debonding process. The chemicals in the water further deteriorate the adhesive, causing the tiles to lift. With the progressive deterioration of the adhesive and the increase in air spaces, tiles, especially in high-traffic areas like shallow pools, spa pools, plunge pools, wave/beach areas, become more susceptible to cracking.

What Causes Pool Time Damage?

The increasing range of exciting in-water activities offered by swimming pool facilities contributes to additional stress on the tiles. SCUBA diving, kayaking, aircrew safety training, water polo, and octopush all involve the use of heavy equipment. Regular installation and removal of goals, lane ropes, and other equipment can take a toll on the swimming pool, affecting the tiles over time.

Furthermore, modern swimming pool accessibility standards incorporate disability lifts and hoists. However, as these features are often deployed and recovered rather than permanent fixtures, they can contribute to increased wear and tear on the tiles.

Subtle factors, such as shifts in the substructure or other engineering considerations, can also lead to tile cracking or complete detachment, resulting in leaks and cracks in the swimming pool tank and/or balance tank wall and floor structures.

To ensure the longevity and safety of your swimming pool, it is crucial to address these underlying issues promptly. Access Underwater specializes in underwater tiling services and repairs, offering comprehensive solutions to rectify tile damage and prevent further deterioration. Our team of experts is experienced in identifying the root causes of tile problems and implementing effective repairs and maintenance strategies.

Don't let damaged tiles compromise the functionality and aesthetics of your swimming pool. Contact Access Underwater today for reliable underwater tiling services and expert tile repairs, ensuring the integrity of your facility's underwater surfaces.

Additional Swimming Pool Services

Our goal is to set the highest industry standards and provide our clients with a sense of absolute security, knowing they are in the hands of the safest and most professional team. We foster close working relationships with each of our clients, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to successfully completing their projects and exploring all avenues to deliver tailored solutions that meet their individual needs.

Since our inception, honesty and transparency have been core principles that guide our actions. We consistently strive to offer not only the best value for money but also practical and intelligent solutions that yield long-term benefits.

Swimming Pool Overnight Services

We fully understand that shutting facilities during the day is costly therefore our team will work overnight support your facility. Thus, it is very common for our team to start as your facility closes and for the team to be clear of the site as your facility opens the following morning. Moreover, with this service, your clients and facility staff will not be impacted by the access underwater team.

Post Works Feedback

We believe communication between the dive team and the client the better working relationship. The dive supervisor on every project is responsible for coordinating and annotating the works that the dye team completes period as such our clients get a full and detailed description of what has occurred and what has been found. Consequently, this will help prioritise a service and repair schedule if defects are found.

Trusted diving solutions

Our team of skilled commercial divers deliver the highest level of service for your leisure facility.

Underwater Tiling

We repair failed tiles and debonded grout underwater to reduce the cost of drain down and downtime of your swimming pool facility.

Swimming Pool Services

Balance Tank Cleaning must form part of your swimming pool filtration maintenance program as they play a significant role in its function.

Moveable Floors & Booms

We provide innovative diving and underwater engineering, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and technical services to moveable floors & booms.

Balance Tank Services

We provide clients with detailed underwater dilapidation and condition surveys for their commercial swimming pool facilities.

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