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Access Underwaters roots stem back to TV & Film Media Divers back in the early days of Heartbeat. Since then we have offered comprehensive support and safety services for film & TV productions. We have a media savvy team offering fast response safety & boats, inwater rescue, specialist actor support personnel and production support behind the scenes.

We also provide a full range of underwater diving consultancy, with extensive experience in water based stunts with ITV, Lime Productions and many more. Our logistics help and support ensures safety and compliance to health and safety at all times. Protecting the cast and crew and to ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently are our major priorities.

TV & Film Projects

Our multi-skilled teams are cross-trained in diving, boat handling, swift water rescue, and advanced first aid and offer you a peerless expertise and service portfolio to ensure your event or production runs safely and efficiently with maximum regard for safety. Benefiting from personnel sourced from a range of backgrounds including military, offshore and the emergency services, we offer the highest standards of safety cover, rescue-readiness and accident/incident prevention.

With an impressive list of TV and film credits, we have attended to both adult and child lead and stunt artists in, on and underwater, on fire, under ice, falling, jumping, climbing and exploding in and out of trouble across the UK for their safety and your viewing pleasure. Our teams include our own internal medic benefitting from a paramedic, offshore and military-level training, however, we can also supply unit medics and nurses whose expertise and experience is second to none.

Trusted diving solutions

Our team of skilled commercial divers deliver the highest level of service for your leisure facility.

Underwater Tiling

We repair failed tiles and debonded grout underwater to reduce the cost of drain down and downtime of your swimming pool facility.

Swimming Pool Services

Balance Tank Cleaning must form part of your swimming pool filtration maintenance program as they play a significant role in its function.

Moveable Floors & Booms

We provide innovative diving and underwater engineering, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and technical services to moveable floors & booms.

Balance Tank Services

We provide clients with detailed underwater dilapidation and condition surveys for their commercial swimming pool facilities.

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