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Underwater Tiling

Underwater swimming pool tiling services including minor repairs and replacement
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Emergency call-out service for damaged swimming pool tank, floor, nosing, detail, mosaic tiles or deck tile failures.

Expert Support & Advice

Our team are here to offer technical advice for your underwater or wet tiling and grouting requirements.


Our specialised diving team can operate without causing disruption to your swimming pool timetable.

Underwater Tiling Experts

Our team are highly skilled underwater tilers with experience with removal and replacement of swimming pool tiles.

Underwater Tiling

As part of our Swimming Pool Surveys, Access Underwater will conduct a comprehensive Swimming Pool Tile & Grout Inspection. The purpose of this is to identify existing problems and identify potential future problems with your swimming pool or facility’s underwater tiling and grouting. The inspection will identify if the swimming pool has problems with debonded tiles, delaminating tiles,  thinning or depleted grout.

There will be times when your customers or staff identify that a problem has occurred. This can be from broken or chipped tiles on the pool edge or underwater and this usually results in reports of cut feet. This is a common occurrence at many busy swimming pool facilities, and our team is experienced and sympathetic with many years of problem-solving any underwater tiling and grouting issues that your busy facility may have.

These cracked, broken or failed pool tank floor or wall tiles are a serious risk, be it to a member of staff, athlete or public swimmer. We know how important your staff and customer safety is to you and Access Underwater is here to help. With our replacement underwater tiling and grouting services, you will have your facility repaired, safe and fully operational, without the need to drain the pool. We offer both day and night call-out services to allow you to keep your facility open for classes and general swimming with zero to minimal disruption.

What causes swimming pool tiles to crack or debond?

Swimming pool tiles can become cracked or completely debonded for several reasons other than simply the age of the facility, although this can be a factor. Tiles that are permanently underwater can crack or fail due to the incorrect application of, the wrong type of or poorly applied tile adhesive during the original tiling commissioning of the swimming pool. This is more common than you might think!

If a tile has been incorrectly “buttered” during the tiling process, air pockets can remain under the tiles which allow for water ingress and gas pockets to develop or simply for the tile to become detached over time. This can remain unnoticed for many years until spontaneous failure. Once the grout between the tiles starts to wear away or dissolve,  this allows water to ingress under the tile(s) and the debunking process begins. Consequently, this causes more problems as the chemicals in the water start to eat away at the adhesive and cause the tiles to start to lift. As the adhesive deteriorates air spaces increase and this leaves the tile vulnerable to cracking, especially in high traffic areas such as shallow pools, spa pools, plunge pools, wave/beach areas, etc.

There are also some more obvious reasons for tile damage to occur. Simply dropping something weighted onto a tile can cause surface damage, this has an impact on the structural integrity of the tile which can lead to long term failure.

Swimming pool facilities have never had so many exciting in-water activities. These include SCUBA diving, kayaking, aircrew safety training and team sports such as water polo and octopush. These activities require the use of heavy equipment. Regularly installing and removing heavy goals, lane ropes, and general heavy equipment can take its toll on the swimming pool.

Accessibility is also more inclusive today and the use of disability lifts and hoists is now standard, but where these stems are deployed and recovered and not permanent features, additional wear and tear are guaranteed.

There can be more subtle reasons for tiles to crack, such as shifts in the substructure or other engineering considerations. This can cause tiles to crack or become completely loose and ultimately fail. This can cause leaks and cracks in the swimming pool tank and/or balance tank wall and floor structures.

Underwater swimming pool tiling service

We understand that swimming pool drain downs are extremely expensive. The cost is not just money, but also time and poses additional risk to the structure of your swimming pool. Access Underwater’s specialised diving team can operate without causing any disruption to your swimming pool timetable. We offer day or night teams to meet your facility’s needs. Furthermore, our team can supply all specialist materials, adhesives, and tiles where required at competitive, sensible rates. This ensures the highest level of service and quality of work, with minimal disruption to you and your team.

Before starting any underwater tiling works, it is essential to establish the cause of tile damage. Furthermore, it is essential to nderstand if there are underlying problems in the surrounding tiled areas. This is particularly important when tiles have lifted and debonded underwater.

Here are some of our most popular underwater tiling services:

  • Underwater swimming pool, spa or wave pool re-tiling
  • Mechanical underwater tiling removal
  • Broken tile removal and replacement
  • Pool deck dry tiling services
  • Swimming pool nose tiles or mosaic replacement
  • Making safe patching
  • Screed or void repairs

If your facility have problems with your swimming pool tiles and need specialists in underwater tiling, then get in touch now. We also offer a full range of Swimming Pool Services to support your sports or leisure facility.